Business Model

As an owner, your property is yours to use and enjoy whenever you want to do so. Our five-star management services help you enjoy your property and make your experience at Fife your own. When you are not in residence, you can also open your Fife property to other travellers through our rental program.

Through the Fife rental program, we will maintain and service the residences, and will manage unique and customized experiences based on the desires and needs of the guests.

Attractive Revenue for Owners

Owners can include their Fife residence in the managed rental pool for an attractive revenue stream when you are not using your Fifedom.

A Curated Guest Experience

Guests will be able to customize their visits to Fife. For example:

  • Residences can be stocked with food and beverages according to customized meal plans
  • Chef in-residence dining
  • Golf bookings
  • Shuttle services
  • Day trips and adventures
Bell Bay Fife custom beverage cart Photo of breakfast at Fife After Golf at Fife Fife custom lockers

Fife is about delving into a world of adventure and the generous hospitality on Cape Breton Island.

Define your experience. Define your Fifedom.